They are objects that help you with thrusting using space bar.

Learn to Fly

Rocket 1

It costs 250$. It has the lowest boost power.

Rocket 2

Its costs 2000$ it is a bit faster.

Rocket 3

It costs 10000$ and is the best rocket in the game.

Learn to fly 2


Costs 100$ it is very slow boost.

Sugar Rocket

Costs 250$ it is pretty slow but now a lot!

Pulse Jet

Cost 1000$ it speed is moderate.

THOR Ramjet

Cost 10000$ It has meduim speed!!

Air Ballon

Cost 35$ it thrust its the most slighty of the boost (or rockets)

Canned Air

Cost 150$

Rocket Firework

Cost 800$ Small delay before it goes

Crusile Missile

Cost 9500$ Fastest non omega booster

"Whistle" Rocket

Cost 175$ 4 weak boosts

Auxiliary Boosters

Cost 1250$


Cost 7500$

Omega Drive

Cost 25000$

Balloon Mk.II

Cost 25000$

Solid Booster

Cost 25000$

Learn to Fly 3