Not to be confused with the obstacles found in Learn 2 Fly or the floating obstacles found in Learn to Fly 3.

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Obstacles make up the core gameplay of Learn to Fly Idle. They are meant to be destroyed as the game progresses.

Enemy Health Worth
Snowman 4 1
Snow Bank 10 10
Ice Boulder 25 30
El Sombrero 80 200
Frozen Dodo 330 825
Ice Block 1400 3500
Mysterious Snow 5,900 14,750
Fedora Snowman 26,000 65,000
Ice Cream Stand 110,000 275,000
Baby Snow Bank 490,000 1,225,000
Bigger Boulder 2,100,000 5,250,000
Slushman 9,400,000 23,500,000
Mr. Snowpile 41,000,000 102,500,000
Lies 180,000,000 450,000,000
Dodo Hero 810,000,000 2,025,000,000
Supersized Snowman 3,600,000,000 9,000,000,000
Monolith 16,000,000,000 40,000,000,000
Ice Factory 71,000,000,000 177,500,000,000
Snow Monster 320,000,000,000 800,000,000,000
Iceberg 1,400,000,000k 3,500G
Mountain 6,400,000,000k 16,000G
Dodo Colossus 29,000,000,000k 72,500G
Ice Corp 130,000,000,000k 325,000G
Big Berg 580,000,000,000k 1,450,000G
Ice-BORG 2,600,000,000M 6,500,000G
Bigger Berg 12,000,000,000M 30,000,000G
The Wall 53,000,000,000M 132,500,000G
The Moon 240,000,000,000M 600,000,000G
Dodolith 1,100,000,000G 2,750,000,000G
Frozen Planet 5,000,000,000G 12,500,000,000G
Frozen Moon 23,000,000,000G 57,500,000,000G
Hoth 100,000,000,000G 250,000,000,000G
Dodo Home 470,000,000,000G 1,175E
Dodo Home 2 2,100,000,000T 5,250E
Dodo Home 3 9,800,000,000T 24,500E
Dodo Home 4 45,000,000,000T 112,500E
Dodo Home 5 210,000,000,000T 525,000E
Dodo Home 666 66,666,666,666P 66,666,666E


  • The Obstacles found in Learn 2 Fly are all buried in the list above.
  • The events of Learn to Fly 3 are foreshadowed with the destruction reaching space.
  • In Learn to Fly Idle, the moon is broken... and broken again in Learn to Fly 3.

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