Warning: As of version 1.1.24B, released on July 3, 2017, the code and the Debug Menu are no longer accessible.

The Debug Menu is potentially the most powerful feature in Learn to Fly 3, potentially reducing the game to shambles if abused. It can

Screenshot (39)

The Debug Menu. First-timers may not recognize the terms used.

  • give the user infinite money and BP
  • fake a game win
  • give the user all medals
  • give the user all items.
  • edit Rare Points (Rare Points is another word for Sardines.)
  • change the number of power-ups you have (SP1, SP2, SP3)

Ultimately, the Debug Menu was intended for open beta testers only, but a Steam User recently leaked the code for the Debug Menu, and now it is open for public use. As noted in every source the code is found own, use at your own risk.

The code is:


When in the shop screen, use the F2 key to display. Again, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. I would only use this code if you are entirely satisfied with your position in the game, or have an ability to quash temptations, as if abused, this code will permanently ruin your Learn to Fly 3 experience. (I personally used it for the ltf3mailinglistbonus items as they are no longer legitimately obtainable.)

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