Bodies are what hold the ship together. They will differ based on what they are. Some have self-propulsion. Others don't. But there are a few quirky ones...

You can go to each item's individual page by browsing in the gallery below. The items are listed below in order.

  • Trash CanGo to Trash Can
  • Omega PenguinGo to Omega Penguin
  • CrateGo to Crate
  • GliderGo to Glider
  • DodoGo to Dodo
  • Hedgehog SuitGo to Hedgehog Suit
  • Ejector SeatGo to Ejector Seat
  • Rocket KitGo to Rocket Kit
  • SpearheadGo to Spearhead
  • Beer KegGo to Beer Keg
  • JetGo to Jet
  • El Fuego!Go to El Fuego!
  • Thunderbird 1Go to Thunderbird 1
  • JetpackGo to Jetpack
  • The BulletGo to The Bullet
  • VolcanoGo to Volcano
  • Escape PodGo to Escape Pod
  • Capt. SupporterGo to Capt. Supporter
  • Space ShuttleGo to Space Shuttle
  • Hero CostumeGo to Hero Costume
  • Big B.I.R.DGo to Big B.I.R.D
  • Omega ShuttleGo to Omega Shuttle

Bodies (Listed by position and order in the shop)

Empty: Unlocked by default

  1. Trash Can
  2. Omega Penguin
  3. Crate
  4. Glider
  5. Dodo
  6. Hedgehog Suit
  7. Ejector Seat
  8. Rocket Kit
  9. Spearhead
  10. Beer Keg
  11. Jet
  12. El Fuego!
  13. Thunderbird 1
  14. Jetpack
  15. The Bullet
  16. Volcano
  17. Escape Pod
  18. Capt. Supporter
  19. Space Shuttle
  20. Hero Costume
  21. Big B.I.R.D
  22. Omega Shuttle